Products and Services

We provide a wide range of software development products and services, including training, consulting, and development.


We teach various courses to bring your development team to the next level:

Automated testing

Learn how to make automated testing an integral part of your development process so that you can guarantee quality and release to production frequently and rapidly without worry

Enterprise software development

Learn how to develop enterprise Java applications rapidly on a foundation of best-of-breed open source libraries and frameworks, applying best practices and deploying to cloud or on-premise infrastructure

Software architecture

Learn about the SOLID architectural principles, data modeling, data integration patterns (RESTful APIs, messaging) and deployment patterns (microservices) to deliver software that’s reliable and fit for purpose

Agile and SCRUM

Learn how to transform your developers into an autonomous development team that can get from concept to product quickly and consistently


We offer you our wealth of experience from over 20 years in software development.

Use our consulting services to help you:

  • reduce waste in your software development processes and deliver value to your end users reliably by applying Agile principles
  • apply software architecture best practices to your systems to ensure they are maintainable, scalable, and secure
  • build your software on a solid foundation of proven open source technology using best of breed components for data storage and retrieval, integration with external systems (in-house or third party), workflow, full text search, data analytics, and whatever else your product needs
  • get a project back on track that seems to be slowing down or where the quality of the deliverables is deteriorating


When you’re just lacking the manpower to finish that product, we can help.