Simple solutions for complex problems

Use technology, don’t get lost in it

Running your business is challenging. You want to keep your clients happy, and your employees too. You need to solve urgent problems, and look to the future. You need to make investments to grow, but you also need to watch that bottom line.

At Assisi Solutions, we understand that you want Information Technology to make running your business easier, not more challenging.

We create powerful solutions that streamline your business processes and do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what really matters.

Technology is not a goal for us, it’s just a means to an end. The goal is making your life easier.

We like to keep it simple. We don’t need to impress you with big words, we’d rather impress you with software that you can rely on.

Results-based Approach

Working software in a matter of weeks, not months

We’re proud of the software we build, so we can’t wait to get it on your screen. Our Agile-based approach means you’ll see the first results in a matter of weeks.

We believe that the best way to deliver the best possible product is to get your feedback throughout the process. We don’t expect you to have all the answers up front; we prefer to find them together with you.

Latest blog posts

  • String is not a data structure
    Today’s strongly-typed, object-oriented programming languages give you the tools you need to pick up a lot of errors at compile-time, before even one line of your code is executed. However, many programmers don’t take advantage of strong types and write code using generic data types instead of taylormade data structures. This code tends to be error-prone and hard to understand. This article shows you the benefits of using dedicated data structures.
  • Using WireMock in your unit tests
    Most non-trivial applications, especially in today’s microservices world, will call other services using a REST API to perform a task. Unit testing parts of your application that call REST APIs can be difficult and error prone when just using JUnit and Mockito. This post shows how to use WireMock to mock a REST service with both GET and POST methods in a unit test.